Nuru Massage is Massage body to body which is carried by two naked or semi-naked humans using a special liquidsolution.

The services offered at the Nuru Massage therapist always done with half-naked bodies ie bikini.

The Nuru Massage is sensual massage and not paid sex. The law explicitly prohibits sexual intercourse pay if someone or some masseuses offer services outside the Nuru massage then threatened with imprisonment.

For this reason it would be better before you decide, to speak with the masseuse appointments seriously think that looking only enjoyment this massage type.

With regard to contact the customer with his / her masseuse .. is to the extent allowed by the masseuse during the session.

Safety is everything for the masseuse and the client, so hidden calls will not occur. Also an appointment will be made if you have sent all the information mentioned in page contact and make an appointment confirmation from us. Your information unless they need to be able to come to your place, also reserved for security reasons forĀ  masseuse safety that will visit you.

We can provide Nuru Massage and two sexes, for example if you are a man will visit you woman masseuse if you are a woman can visit you a man Nuru masseuse.

Relax and forget about the routine of your everyday life. Book an appointment now and “fly” in the world of Nuru Massage!


Massage Body with Body.

Nuru Massage is Body Massage.
During the Nuru Massage process, the masseuse with the body, comes into contact with the energy points of the 2nd person and as result in the exchange of positive energy.
The client can focus on his/her own emotions, mentally and physically.

During Nuru Massage you feel your body lighter with the lack of gravity becomes noticeable.

We wish you a comfortable and relaxing stay in his wonderful world Nuru Massage.

Note that during the Nuru Massage it does not follow an erotic act.


For appointments contact only with the contact form or by text message sms on
Phone 6908 500 471